TakeCare Asia Philippines, Inc.

TakeCare is a private consumer health organization delivering solutions that enhance lives. For 40 years, over 30,000 patients have trusted our brand of reliable and consistent operational excellence. We are proud of our patient-centric medical and dental healthcare coverage, and of the 350 local employees that contribute to our growth as one of Micronesia’s largest health plan and healthcare services companies.

The company aims to provide comfort, security and peace of mind through a system in control. TakeCare delivers exact and accurate results at a consistent convenience to its members. As an organization, we strive to be at the forefront of the industry, upholding high standards of quality, comprehensive care, compassion for all, and a range of options that put healthcare firmly in the hands of individuals and families.

TakeCare offers a wide range of health plans designed to meet the needs of every individual with access to over 100 primary and specialty providers on Guam and Saipan, and an international network of world-class hospitals, clinics and doctors. Our health plans are available to the public sector and private businesses, and we are proud to be the exclusive regional insurer for the United States Federal Employee Health Benefit Program.

The FHP Health Center on Guam, critical components to TakeCare’s services, encompass Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Radiology, Pharmacy, Home Health, and a Dental and Vision Center. Offering U.S.-standard medical care and facilities on Guam, the FHP Health Centers have been staples of the health care industry to many residents.

TakeCare’s reach has exceeded the boundaries of the Mariana Islands and Micronesia, with its growing network of partners in the Asia region. The TakeCare Philippines office assists the TakeCare Claims and MRO teams in Guam. Veiovis, the evolutionary result of TakeCare’s overseas healthcare business, blazes a trail for the medical travel industry with expert international healthcare management and travel concierge services.